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Thursday, February 3, 2011

masaba gupta saris

talk about funky fresh -- masaba gupta saris definitely have a quirky cool style. "different" doesn't even seem to cut it. while i love the fun approach to a traditional sari, i'm not sure if i'm absolutely loving it yet. i do like once-upon-a-time actress mandira bedi's sari -- the colors, stripes, the way it drapes. it's very modern. sonam kapoor's look is what i'm iffy on. she always has fun with fashion, which makes her pictures a treat to see, so i do applaud her for that. but the hand print sari, the ultra sheer drape, and the black blouse going up a little too high in the middle, is just not working for me. something looks off. she still looks great though -- she is working the bengali-style big bindi, traditional earrings, and clean, elegant hair.

whether it works for you or not, this is a cool young designer to watch.

*update -- oh my, is ms. bedi is wearing a bikini top as a blouse? let's just say that's not the best idea. good thing she has it covered up with the sari drape.

sources: smashing cinema, rediff

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