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Thursday, June 30, 2011

sabyasachi and vikram phadnis - IIFA 2011

this indian senorita look by sabyasachi is so great. ever since he's been around as a designer, we have gotten used to seeing many beautiful & traditional indian looks from him. that's why this look is such a good one -- it reminds us of what a master designer he is. it's an indian outfit (a lengha) but it's done in such a unique way. i've never quite seen anything like it before. you immediately think of a senorita, and that's such a different way to do indian wear. despite it being so different, it's still so very signature sabyasachi.

this vikram phadnis look is regal. it's perfect for a indian bride, with the red head chunni (or veil), but also introduces some not so usual colors for a bride -- the mustard yellow drape scarf, and the very dark maroon (or is it navy?) skirt. at first glance, the skirt looked almost black, so i would suggest getting the skirt a tad bit lighter for bridal purposes...but as is, it looks fantastic, too. the ornate and oh-so-grand detailing and look of this outfit is stunning.

sabyasachi on the left, vikram phadnis on the right.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

naeem khan resort 2012

this is such a pretty collection. i'd love to wear any of these dresses. there is something great to be said about each and every one of his pieces -- from the sexy senorita top/ruffled skirt combo, to the fully beaded & fully glam long sleeved ivory gown, to the bright hues of blue, pink and yellow he used, to feathers!, and finally to the all-out-ball-gown-style-oomph -- each dress was statement-making.

source: the style monger

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

on my mind now

it's been a rather "blah" tuesday, so what else can lift up those spirits than a few glamorous images? these gorgeous items -- from the arrangement of peonies, to the "edgy" nude heel, to the ornately chic office space -- add a serious jolt of glamour to the everyday. i especially love those peonies -- so sweet, so full of life, and so summery.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

interiors inspiration

i love saving images of pretty rooms that i can look back at and get ideas from. and sometimes it's not even for the ideas, it's just for something beautiful to look at. all of these rooms have such detailed beauty -- something i dream to have in a dream home one day. for now, i like to incorporate bits and pieces of easy glamour to make my living space a bit more inspiring, too.

but really, look at the use of color, the amount of layering, the variation in textures and patterns, the soft feel combined with the bold detail -- each room is perfect.

sources: various google images search results

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

celeb style, lately

hello to all my readers! as i mentioned in my previous post, summer time is officially here and that means more relaxation by the pool, more al fresco dining, and generally more enjoyable moments. i hope you all have been enjoying the sunshine as well. but the time has come for an update and i've got some major catching up to do. i did mention a few posts ago that i'd report on my fashion favorites from the 2011 met ball, and that i'd also keep up with coverage from the 2011 cannes film festival. well both events have gone and passed us by (the met ball seems like it was decades ago!) and i'm late in getting my favorites up and published. but fret not, that's what this update is for. i've put together just one favorite from each event, including the recent cdfa fashion awards 2011. these looks are so perfect in every way -- from the hair, to the makeup, to the dress itself -- it makes me look forward to the summer soirees and weddings coming up....oh to be a girl :)

from one of the biggest nights in fashion, the 2011 met ball, this look was definitely one of my favorites. it wasn't too envelope-pushing, it wasn't all high-fashion-couture -- it was just really pretty. and that's the best. ashley greene looked so soft and lovely -- just how i'd imagine her to be in real life.

at cannes, there was glamour glamour everywhere. from bianca balti to indian actress sonam kapoor, there was beauty and style aplenty. however, the one to really up the ante was none other than angelina jolie. she stood out the most (as she tends to do!) in her chocolate brown strapless dress. she looked so glamorous yet so completely effortless. i love her.

and finally, at the 2011 cdfa fashion awards, i'd have to go with karolina kurkova for workin' it high fashion style. she's a great model, so who else could pull off this look better? it was chill, it was sexy, it was sparkly, it was sporty -- it was everything fashion likes -- in one.