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Monday, February 7, 2011


i usually make the same thing over and over again, so where else to look for ideas but food porn daily? exciting name, i know, but even more exciting images. check out this drool-worthy picture of "pistachio, chorizo, and chipotle crusted mahi w/ apple-chorizo braised red cabbage & carrot moroccan pancakes." how good, good, goooood does that sound? also sounds hard to make. but hey, that's inspiration for ya.

i also "tweeted" about food today -- a delicious (and easy) recipe of brie, apple, and arugula quesadillas, from the atlantis home blog. you can follow me at

source: food porn daily

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Rashi said...

This looks amazing and it doesn't really help that I'm at work and starving but I would have never thought that chorizo would go well with mahi, and even further, pancakes!! So cool