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Thursday, February 17, 2011

marchesa (finally!) @ NYFW fall 2011

i've been waiting and waiting to see marchesa's collection, and it's finally up on today. and as usual, it was gorgeous....with glamour, glitz, and all-out girl power.

there was tulle, there was lace, there were drapes, and there were corsets...all combined with lots of "sheer" pleasure.

so very beautiful, romantic, and princess-like. for me, marchesa is "pretty" defined.



Rashi said...

I can't wait to see who wears that gorgeous ball gown!! The lace details are so, so pretty

Mel Carrey said...

so pretty :)

dtwilight said...

I'm new to this blog and it is beautiful! I absolutely adore fashion and your posts are great. I would really appreciate a follow back.

grey chiffon said...

Thanks, Mel Carrey!

grey chiffon said...

Welcome to the blog, dtwilight! Glad you like it. Thanks for the links, will check em out:)

grey chiffon said...

Agree with you, Rashi