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Thursday, January 20, 2011

georgina chapman - golden globes '11

"damn," is what i first thought when i saw georgina chapman's look for the 2011 golden globes. and that's not a "damn, she looks good" reaction (which is my usual response for her), that's a "damn, what happened?" reaction! designer to the stars, georgina chapman, of the ultra-glamorous brand marchesa, is really, really beautiful. she also designs amazing dresses, which look even more amazing when she wears them. i love her style, and even though sometimes it's a bit too girly/ruffley for me, it's always sharp and on point. so you can imagine my surprise when i saw her choice for the big awards show held this past sunday. i specially googled her to see her look (she is not usually covered by most fashion talk shows/blogs) hoping to see a vision of beauty, but i was let-down.

now, let me preface my critique by saying that she still looks a thousand times better than some of the other stars out there, but if she is in competition with herself, she lost big-time. the dress is basic, maybe a bit too basic for an awards show, and it's hanging waaay too low on her. basic black pumps and a black clutch finish it. so i must ask, where's her pizazz-y accessory? i love doing all black, but even i know that you have to add at least one element of spunk. and she usually does this the best. the only noteworthy thing about her look is that necklace. very nice and very edgy. but it wasn't enough.

gosh, i am being so passionate about ms. chapman! i suppose i just count on her for fashion-drooling purposes, and that didn't happen this time. here's hoping her next appearance will drop us dead.

source: the fashion spot

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