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Monday, January 31, 2011

ritu kumar's latest suit design

love this fun and funky creation from indian designer ritu kumar -- this ad was featured in vogue india's dec. 2010 issue, and it immediately caught my eye. it's a fun alternative to all the anarkalis we've been seeing everywhere -- anarkalis are long babydoll type dresses, with a huge circumference at the bottom (causing the dress to flare out a lot) and they are worn with tight leggings, called churdidars. although i still love anarkalis very, very much, something new and fresh is always much appreciated.

it's hard to tell exactly, but it looks like this outfit has a kurta top in baby pink, which is basically just a long tunic in a straight cut, worn overtop a white and black tie-dye skirt (which gives the flared-out dress aka anarkali effect). the model is seen wearing no churdidars underneath, but of course that is just for the editorial. in real life, baby pink chudidars to match the kurta top would look great. the yellow/golden chunni, or stole, adds another pop of color, but again for real life, i might choose a less distracting color -- or maybe no chunni at all. either way, it's something different and something new, and i hope to see more of it in indian fashion.

source: scanned in from vogue india, dec. 2010


Dhaarna Gupta said...

hiii....well, its not a tie n dye skirt...its a nehru collared kurta from ritu kumar's latest collection...i recently bought it....that's how i know about it being a kurta....really an impressive one!

grey chiffon said...

Hi Dhaarna -- thanks for your comment and letting me know more about the piece! I love it so much from the picture -- am sure it's even more beautiful in person. Enjoy wearing it:)