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Saturday, April 4, 2009

georgina chapman, town and country march 2009

i've always been slightly obsessed with the immense beauty and style of the stunning georgina chapman, co-designer of marchesa. chapman creates hollywood's most sought-after gowns (which i've written about both here and here on this blog).

this town and country editorial is one of the most stunning i've seen -- playing the role of an fairy tale princess in her own dream-like gowns, chapman's grandeur is unmatchable.

source: the fashion spot


Anonymous said...

she is GORGEOUS, and so are all of the gowns!!

Anonymous said...

who r u kidding? if chapman truly had talent (or smarts, or the right connections), she wouldn't have married an ogre. let's face it, with all the access to publicity she's had recently, her line of clothing belongs in the 99-cent bin. chanel, gucci, dior, prada, fendi, etc., don't even bother with this one.

grey chiffon said...

hi anonymous #2 -- thanks for the comment, but i beg to differ...her personal life is something that should be left out of this. the marchesa line speaks for itself. the intricate details, sumptuous fabrics, and interesting silhouettes of her gowns speak for themselves. they come from sheer talent! chapman and craig do a fabulous job every season in putting together collections that not only amp up the glam factor like no other designer can but also have a very distinctive look. 99-cent bin? i don't think so.

Sarah Klassen said...

I adore her designs!

Quite in their own category, I believe, they are always so elegant, beautifully detailed, and wonderfully constructed. I would love to purchase a gown from her line when I get married one day soon. She is certainly one of my favorite designers.

Hope you are having a fabulous week,