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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sabyasachi couture 2010

just now getting a look at all the images from the 2010 sabyasachi couture show, and all i have to say is "wow." besides the amazing mix of patterns and prints on exquisite fabrics, take a look at all that layering...especially in the 2nd image. for starters, you've got a long kurta (tunic) with floral designs and paisley-looking motifs combined together. then, long, patterned net sleeves give it some air and freshness, while a small heavily embroidered vest gives the look a fun vibe. not to mention, i think i see some hints of velvet on the bottom border of the kurta, as well. and we're only at the top portion of the entire outfit so far. sabyasachi has placed this kurta with a lightly patterned full a-line skirt, printed churidar (leggings) beneath, and a long chunni (scarf) beautifully draped on one shoulder.

there are so many elements to this one outfit, but somehow they all go together with such ease and beauty. oh, and check out those very much on-trend platform oxford booties...quite the unexpected with an outfit like this!

i have always loved sabyasachi, but this collection was brilliant. it might not translate as well in real life, but it just shows how well of a mix-master, genius designer he is. the whole look -- in its earthy colors, absence of bling, and even zero makeup, still manages to look far more royal than any other crystallized in-your-face outfit normally seen and expected from indian designers. looking forward to seeing these pieces in some great editorials. (aishwarya rai is already featured one such editorial, by HiBlitz magazine. check the pictures on high heel confidential.)



Lisequ said...

great collection!

Rashi said...

They have on such minimal makeup, and such simple hair, yet they look so incredibly royal! I love Sabyasachi!


These are great, haven't seen collection like these very often.
Good job ;)

Casa Très Chic said...

Fabulous collection, really love Sabyasachi!