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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lattice - home style

not too long ago, i wrote about how fun decorating a new house can be. well that fun hasn't stopped yet because i'm still looking for all the perfect pieces to make the house a home.

there's so much out there to choose from, but certain home elements really catch my eye, and one of those is lattice patterns. lattice is super fun and easy to incorporate anywhere.

what i love is that the bold, geometric lines of this print against a monotone background looks so very sharp and stylish.  with all the curved lines and shapes of say a tufted sofa, a crystal chandelier, or a cozy flowing throw....the tailored and distinct pattern of lattice really brings a room together with its sharp contrast. whether its visible in a rug, a pillow, a table, or even a've gotta have lattice.

sources: decor pad, jcpenney, jgkitchens, casa sugar

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