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Thursday, October 21, 2010

long skirt trend

i've been seeing this trend here and there, and i must say, i'm liking it a lot! i haven't seen long skirts done in the winter for a very long time, so it's a revival of sorts...but in a fun and modern way. it's most appealing to me when done monochromatically, as michael kors did in his fall 2010 rtw show. tone on tone with a cool, easy, hip-slung belt and you've got a look that's incredibly chic.



Rashi said...

I like it too. Would you wear heels or flats with it? Maybe it wouldn't look too good on a thicker body.

grey chiffon said...

i think the look really seems to go for the long/lean effect with the tone on tone and body skimming design, so i'd def wear heels to add to that. and i actually think the outfit would look best on a thicker body because these monochrome looks are slimming -- but it hugs the body well enough to show off your curves, too :)