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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wrist Style

Let's talk about some delicious arm candy today! I'm not much of an arm candy gal - I just wear my watch and wedding band on a daily basis, and that's about it. But I do love the way some girls layer on pieces together and make it look so very fabulous. I have a few bracelets/threads that are meaningful to me - perhaps I'll throw all of them on together and go for this look too. Here are a few photos for inspiration. But do tell - what's your wrist style?

P.S. - It's really easy to get this look. Start with a great watch like the Michael Kors "Camille Chronograph" watch in two-tone. Two-tone is rocks because it matches with both your yellow gold and white gold/silver pieces. Win-win! Then, it's bracelet time. Think about what symbols or phrases mean most to you. Many go for the Evil Eye or Hamsa symbol, or perhaps the Infinity sign. If nothing speaks out to you, go for a classic link bracelet - it's timeless and can be passed down. Another idea is making your own bracelets! Make some with your girlfriends for DIY goodness.

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