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Friday, March 8, 2013

New Hair Product Crushes

Drybar has become a hot spot for blowouts in the DC area lately - everyone is raving about the place, with pictures of gorgeous hair to match. I've yet to go there, but was pleasantly surprised to see that Sephora now carries some of their products. They've got to be great, right?! I'm looking forward to trying their Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Volumizing Mousse, too. Since I cut my hair short, I've been going for the wavy/messy look a lot, and the more volume that it has, the better.

But the one product I continue to be obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with? The Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. My sister-in-law told me about this baby and everything you hear about it is true - it's amaaaaaaaazing for creating volume and texture. And it's a dry shampoo. Trust me, I am not a big hair/makeup person, but even I can use this product with ease and see great results.

Have a great weekend, all!



Anonymous said...

you have read my mind, I will definitely try these product. Thank you so much

Avani said...

love love love the oribe texturizing spray!

Grey Chiffon said...

Thank you both for the comments :) !

Avani - Yes! It's so amazing.