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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

stonewall kitchen

stonewall kitchen has been around for quite some time now, and i've tried some of their amazing jams/spreads once before, but only recently am i sort of getting obsessed with ordering everything that they have to offer. "stylish" gourmet eating is what this brand seems to be all about (had to throw in the "stylish"...trying to stick to the theme of this blog, of course!)

the combos of ingredients they use in their jams, jellies, dressings, and oils are absolutely perfect. the red pepper jelly hits every taste bud in your mouth -- the savory blend tastes like heaven with just a simple cracker (make it garlic or parmesan-flavored if you're feeling fancy). it is so perfect for an after-work snack, and even more perfect for entertaining, as it is just so simple and pretty.

some of their other product titles include:

  • balslamic fig dressing -- another savory concoction that tasted just right with a baby spinach, strawberry, and feta salad.

happy, and stylish:), eating.

source: stonewall kitchen

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Unmapped-journey said...

i always love your food entries! these all look delish!