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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

black swan

halloween has already gone and passed us by, but i'm still in that dark, enchanted state of mind thanks to an upcoming thriller movie, whose look and feel happened to inspire my makeup for my halloween costume. of course, my makeup attempts were very amateur compared to this image, but it was fun trying it out :)

look at those eyes -- this will be a thriller for sure!

yes, i was a black swan for halloween, choosing it without knowing that natalie portman will soon be starring in a pyschological, dark film by the same name. the movie looks like it is going to be one fun ride -- the suspense, the drama, the acting...and of course, the costumes.

rodarte has designed for this movie and they couldn't be a more perfect fit. the gothic, edgy style of rodarte and their mastery over showstopping, theatrical-like looks will be a treat to watch. i cannot wait to see their work in the ballet scenes of black swan.

catch the black swan trailer here.

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Izzy said...

Beautiful! Now following!